"Before easy-rotas.co.uk, it would take me so many emails back and forth to figure out everybody's availability. Now it's all done in the click of a button!"

Step 1: Build a list of contacts

These are all the people that you want to be part of your rotas.

You will need to input their email addresses, so they can be automatically contacted to request their availability for each rota.

Step 2: Group your contacts into "rota groups"

These are the groups of people that take part in the same rotas.

For instance, in a church you might have a group for "Altar Servers" and another group for "Readers".

In a school you might have rotas groups such as "Swimming Lesson" or "Afterschool Club".

Steps 1 and 2 only need to be done once. Once you have your contacts and groups, you might only need to go back to it to add or remove participants.

Step 3: Create rotas for your groups

For each rota you will specify which group of people the rota is aimed for, the dates for the rota, and how many people are needed for each day.

You can also specify how many days you want to give people to respond. This is usually set to three days after the rota was created.

After this "deadline" you will be able to automatically generate the rota based on the participant's availability.

Easily manage all your rotas
Easily manage all your rotas

On your "rotas" page you can see all your current rotas, and their status.

The rota status will change from "just created", to "availability request", to "ready to auto-create", and finally "rota created".

Keeping an eye on your rota

Once your rota is created, all participants will be automatically emailed with a link which they can use to input their availability.

You can see at real-time the list of participants who have already responded, and what their availability are.

Keeping an eye on your rota
Auto-create rotas!
Auto-create rotas!

After the deadline, click "auto-create rota" to get a suggested rota based on everybody's availability.

You are able to amend the rota if necessary, before sharing the final rota with the participants by clicking on "Email final rota".

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